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The Inspire 2 was conceived to be the most versatile, professional aircraft DJI has ever produced, and it packs all the necessary features to live up to that reputation into a compact footprint.

The camera, produced in partnership with Hasselblad, is a built-in Super 35 sensor with 5 interchangeable lenses, pre-balanced on a 3-axis gimbal. This allows the Inspire to fly for an unmatched 20 minutes at a time on one set of batteries, allowing you to stay in the sky longer and capture more with ease.


Our Charging Case and 12 sets of batteries allows for all day filming without stopping.



The Mavic 2 Pro packs the punch of a larger aircraft down into a compact, capable form factor. These DJI aircraft have built in 3-axis stabilized cameras, built in partnership with Hasselblad - that ensure smooth, cinematic shots in any environment. The pro offers a 28mm prime lens, while the zoom drone can zoom from 24-48mm in 4K resolution for a wider variety of angles without having to even land the aircraft. Class-leading 30 minute flight times and quiet motors allow for extended coverage and stealthy operation.

dji mavic 2.png


Built for industrial use, the Matrice 200 V2 Professional Quadcopter from DJI is meant to go into hazardous conditions to relay vital information to personnel on the ground. With up to 38 minutes of flight time and a range of up to 5 miles, it can be implemented in a variety of industries and professions

The Matrice 200 drone platform is meant to be customized to your specific needs and is compatible with a host of Zenmuse gimbal cameras, which can provide everything from high-resolution photos and videos to thermal imaging.

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